Bauhaus Graphics Now is an archive of my posters from the Bauhaus organisations in Germany. These are not vintage posters from the 1920s, but recent designs made since the 1980s. The posters are interesting from a design point-of-view for how they interpret the design traditions of the Bauhaus from the 1920s and 30s, what was broadly described as “The New Typography” – Die Neue Typografie.

The posters publicize exhibitions at the Bauhaus organisations in Germany, the restored Bauhaus at Dessau, the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar and the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin. The collection has been exhibited at Grenadi School of Design in Melbourne in 2010, and at the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE in 2011.

In recent decades, the Bauhaus has had a major revival with the two original centres at Weimar and Dessau thriving as design institutes, and with three museums on its history in those cities and in Berlin. There has been an outpouring of research and publication, of which this blog covers a small part.

My name is Greg Neville. I am a Melbourne artist and teacher with an interest in the history of graphic design. See also my Modernismus site for my photographic archive of modernist architecture.





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