Josef Albers

Josef Albers – Works on Paper.

Josef Albers taught the famous Preliminary course at the Bauhaus. His ideas about teaching art were revolutionary, influencing teaching methods up to the present day. He was an analytical colour painter, known for his Homage to the Square series, of which the poster image is an example.

The exhibition was at the Bauhaus Dessau in 1998/99

Josef Albers – Werke auf Papier

2 thoughts on “Josef Albers

  1. I Would love to buy this poster. I have looked for it for a long time, does anyone know where I Can buy it ? Please help !

    1. Hi Camilla. I just found your comment on my Bauhaus poster site, sorry to to take so long to reply.
      I bought the Josef Albers posters at the Bauhaus in Dessau. It was over 10 years ago and the poster was in a bin for discounted sales in the shop. I’ve looked at the website and it is not there anymore. Maybe you could email the shop here:

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